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If you do not have Australian mobile number, there are 3 advertising boards with free phone at Melbourne Airport, please dial 3 digits Bluebird designated number on the advertising board.

Advertising Boards with Free Phone locations:

  • T1 : Qantas Arnal Arrival Area - Information Centre Counter
  • T2 : International Arrival Area - Information Centre Counter
  • T3 : Virgin Australia Arrival Area - At the base of escalator in the carousel / luggage belts area
We will advise the timing of the next available bus and direct you to the pickup zone area.

Pickup Zone Area : BLUE Bus Zone (Groups and Charters), bus zone L as shown below

Airport Pickup Map

Important Information
Luggage allowance:
1 large bag + 1 carry on per passenger. Extra $5 for additional luggage.
Shuttle Operating Hours:
5am to last flight from Melbourne Airport
Shuttle Departure Location:
View Service Area
Shuttle Pickup door to door:
Airport to City or
City to Airport